Worker’s Compensation Denied

§9792.9.1. Utilization Review Standards Medical care denials under worker’s compensation law are widespread. Injured workers are fed up about it. Unfortunately, a worker’s compensation attorney can only ask for an administrative review of the medical treatment denial in most instances. There is an exception where the work comp lawyer can ask a judge to order the care when it is not timely denied. California regulation Section 9792.9.1 requires that a denial occurs within at least 14 days of the request. If the denial of care is late then the workers compensation lawyer can ask a judge to order the medical care that was denied. We have successfully worked with primary care doctors to determine why the care was denied. We can overcome many of these baseless denials. If you are denied medication, MRI, EMG, nerve conduction studies, spinal fusion, diskectomy and other back surgeries, carpal tunnel release, shoulder, knee, or hip replacement. Don’t don’t sit idly by. Call a worker’s compensation Attorney at Anderson & Johnson.