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Sacramento social security disability attorneyTom R. Johnson, attorney at law helps clients obtain Social Security benefits. From your first appointment we will help you develop a theme of how to prove you are disabled. Next we provide a workable plan to obtain the evidence you will need to prove your case. To qualify, one must have a severe impairment likely to last 12 months or longer, and you must not be able to engage in substantial work activity. The statutes and regulations (together, the social security law), make it easier to be found disabled as you get older.

First you must not be working at substantial gainful activity ($1040 per month). Next must not be able to do your past relevant work (jobs over the last 15 years) because of physical or mental restrictions. Then you must prove your limitations meet certain guidelines which vary depending on your age and transferable skills. The standards is difficult if you are younger than 50 years old. If you believe you cannot work due to disabilities call us today and we will analyze your case for you at no charge.

But you don’t have to be bedridden and over 50 years old to be eligible for disability benefits. If you’re a younger person. under age 45 or 50 and you cannot do your past jobs and you cannot work full time at any regular job, you should apply for SSDI benefits.

It is often difficult to convince the SSA that someone is “disabled” even when they genuinely cannot work. Tom R. Johnson, attorney at law can provide valuable assistance and help you develop the proof you need to receive the benefits you deserve.

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