Worker’s Compensation  Article  #1  – April 15, 2020 – Cumulative Trauma Claims

Work related injuriesQuestion:         Do I have a worker’s compensation claim if I get injured over time by just performing my job duties?

Answer:           Yes it is called a cumulative trauma claim and it can happen to anyone.  We see it more with repetitive activity and especially with work stations that are not ergonomic.


Question:         What types of injuries are caused by cumulative trauma?

Answer:           We represent injured workers with injuries of carpal tunnel, ulnar neuritis, neck, back and spine injuries including herniated disc and degenerative disk disease, knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder injuires including SLAP repairs, impingements and rotator cuff tears, ankle and foot arthritis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, trigger thumb and Mental injuries including depression anxiety and PTSD.


Question:         What types of occupations suffer from cumulative trauma injuries?

Answer:           We represent office workers, nurses, care givers, factory workers, fire fighters, police officers, landscapers, and construction workers including plumbers , painters, carpenters, iron workers, dry wall installers, electricians, roofers, tree trimmers, on these types of cases,  but it can happen in almost any job.


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