There are many reasons not to wait to hire a qualified and experienced worker’s compensation attorney. Last year the worker’s compensation insurance industry out spent injured workers almost 2 to1 on attorneys fees. The California Labor Code statutes and regulations are voluminous and very complicated. They present a trap for the unwary.

It is very important at the outset of your case to choose a neutral and qualified panel medical examiner. It makes a difference which medical specialty you choose as well as the doctor listed in a panel. A bad choice can haunt you for the life of your claim. We go out of our way to familiarize ourselves with the reports and philosophies of all the doctors we encounter in the panel list. We have a good idea by reputation which ones are qualified and neutral. There are many doctors listed in the panels that have been insurance company defense doctors for most of their careers. Choosing the right treating doctor and qualified medical examiner is essential for receiving a fair rating and independent review of medical disputes. If you don’t have an experienced and qualified attorney helping you then you are taking you chances or worse are at the whim of the adjustor who is trained to minimize your benefits.

Our attorneys work together as a team and have expertise in all the different ways chronic residuals can be rated under the American Guidelines to Permanent Disability and know the latest legal decisions affecting your rights.

Medical care in workers compensation cases is based on Occupational medicine which is not geared towards treating severe or chronic injuries. Adjustors often deny medical care based on it’s principals. Many doctors don’t want to or don’t know how to fight these denials and they just give up. We can help you find the best treating physician available under the medical provider network on you case and assist in getting you the care you need to recover and return to work.

Unfortunately, we do turn away cases because the injured worker came to us too late and we know we cannot help them at that late stage because the treating doctor or panel qme the unwary injured worker chose was not willing to listen to reason or advocate for the injured worker’s rights. So don’t wait. Call today for a free consultation.

If you have been seriously injured or hurt on a job protect your legal rights and call workers compensation attorney in Sacramento Tom R. Johnson at (916) 922-9902, consultation is free.