If workers’ compensation laws don’t cover you or the particular injury you suffer, you may be able to sue your employer. If your injury occurs outside the course of employment, you can sue your employer (or co-employee, if a co-employee injures you). For example, lets say that you r employer invites you to a baseball game on a Sunday afternoon. On the way to the ballpark, you are hurt in an automobile accident caused by your employer. Since the baseball game had nothing to do with your job, you can sue your employer and have his or her automobile insurance company pay the damages.

Intentional Misconduct of the Employer – Suppose your employer punches you in the face and breaks your nose while you are at work. Can you sue your employer, or are you limited to workers’ compensation benefits? Some states let you sue your employer for deliberately breaking your nose. Other states, however, prohibit you from suing your employer even in this situation. Some states will allow you to recover benefits under the workers’ compensation system, and then receive additional benefits up to a stated limit, such as 50 percent of your workers compensation benefits.

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