Work Injury & Filing a Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Claim

An injury is covered under Workers’ Compensation if it is job related. It is your responsibility to make sure the injury is reported to your supervisor/employer as soon as possible. Although a claim is technically filed by operation of law if your employer is aware you are injured on the job and the injury causes time lost from work or medical treatment beyond first aid, the prompt reporting of the accident to your supervisor/employer will accelerate the processing of your claim and avoid unnecessary delays or denial of possible benefits. Once your injury is reported your employer should provide you with a claim form called a DWC form one.

You can download the form under useful Pdf documents on our home page.  Fill out the top portion, make a copy and give it to your employer.  The clock starts ticking and they have 90 days to accept or deny the claim. If it is not denied in that time then it is presumed compensable (valid) and only evidence unobtainable before then can be used to deny it in court. Before the claim is accepted or denied the insurance carrier must pay for medical care up to $10,000.00.  There are other technicalities the insurance carriers use to deny payment of bills however.

It is important to protect your legal rights and problems are easier to avoid than to undo. Call (916) 922-9902 to speak with a workers compensation attorney in Sacramento who will answer all your questions and provide a clear plan of action with your workers compensation and/or social security disability claim.

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